Friday, March 20, 2009

in the interests of full disclosure

I am pettsitting til Sunday and it is a new client, though an old friend (they recently acquired a cute little pooch christened Zoolander).  

Um, yeah, so yesterday I managed to get Zoo and myself F#@KING lost in the wilds of Vestavia. 

After 2 HoUrS (!!!!) of walking up and down the biggest hills you can imagine outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee,  I gave up the ghost and called my coworkers at the library to mapquest me out of the assclown of a neighborhood I was currently slogging through.  

Turns out I was only about a mile from my destination but I. Was. Sick. Of. Walking.

Needless to say, we did not take that route again this morning. 

Aleve is my friend.


Erica said...

poor holley! vestavia isn't as crazily laid out as mtn. brook, but it does have more hills and can be vair vair confusing. at least you made it out in one piece :)

Anonymous said...

i had to google vestavia...i'm pretty well traveled but have never heard of it. lol. i've actually been to gatlinburg...what a clustersmuck that place is!

so, you got lost in alabama? do they even have hills down there? or did i google the wrong place?

Holley T said...

booklineandsinker- well, to be perfectly honest, Vestavia is a giant residential city, very little in the way of commercial centers but heavy on some pretty spiffy neighborhoods.

Also, I live only 25-30 miles away and I used to work in Vestavia but I don't know my way around the neighborhoods very well.

I could have stopped to ask directions at any of the hundreds of houses I walked by but I was too embarrassed so instead I called the people I know and in front of whom I embarrass myself frequently anyway.

It's hilly but nowhere near mountainous, that was just me being dramatic again.


Unknown said...

Assclown- must add that to my vocab.

Holley T said...

I must confess, I stole it from Office Space...