Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tasteful apartment living

It's time for another installment from that 60's classic, Decorating Ideas for Every Room in Your Home!  For those of you currently in apartments, space is certainly an issue.  You have to channel your inner FLW to maximize every bit of square footage.  

Might I suggest this spiffy arrangement:

From the book: 

Modern designs, materials and color scheme were an excellent choice for living and sleeping areas of inventive wigwam style vacation house designed by Ving Smith for U.S. Rubber.  View from the second floor of the house zeroes in on dining area, part of living  room, and narrow but charmingly furnished balcony designed as children's sleeping quarters.  Area includes ample storage, closet and bookshelf space, and is partitioned to provide a brother and sister with small but separate rooms.

Love those stairs AND the big wooden lute-playing figure on the balcony.  Check out the tv by the dining room table.  What is your favorite part of this decorating scheme?


t said...

OMG! The different color carpet on every square inch of floor. It could be the inside of a 'van'!
I do love how they've matched the flower colors on the pillows to the 'tasteful' arrangement under the stairs. ;-)

Unknown said...

"Sleeping quarters" indeed! The beds look like they are about 12" wide. And that thing on the banister is hideous!!

Anonymous said...

could you please stop posting pictures of my house without asking first? hahaha. looks charming...especially the multi-color shag.