Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey

Menolly figures into the last of the Harper Hall Trilogy only tangentially, Dragondrums is really Piemur's story.  

Piemur was Menolly's first friend in the Harper Hall and one of the youngest apprentices in the Hall due to his voice.  He is one of the most talented singers to be trained there.  Unfortunately, Piemur is of a certain age and his voice is changing.  He doesn't really have another talent other than getting into trouble.  Will he be sent away from the Hall in disgrace?  If not, what could the Master Harper possibly have in mind for him?  The answer will be the greatest adventure of Piemur's life and will ask of him the one thing few think him capable of...secrecy.  Will Piemur be able to find a new place in the Hall while adulthood settles on him?  Finish up the Harper Hall Trilogy and find out for yourself!


Anonymous said...

I really need to get this series for Jimmy. I know he'll love it.

Holley T said...

I enjoy it anew every time I pick it up...and if you can listen to the audio, it's even better. The one from Recorded Books narrated by Sally Darling!