Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

One of my friends has been recommending The Art of Racing in the Rain to me since before publication and I'm ashamed that I've just now got around to it because I LOVED IT! What a story!

Enzo is a dog and he is the narrator of this story. His owner, Denny Swift, is a semi-professional race car driver seeking fame and fortune. Enzo constantly laments his lack of voice and opposable thumbs. He makes commentary on life, reincarnation, love, and happiness while sticking by Denny through some of the worst possible life experiences and offering the reader his own brand of philosophy, gleaned from a lifetime of listening to the conversations of others without being able to contribute your own opinions.

"That which you manifest is before you."

"Your car goes where your eyes go."

Sounds silly, but Enzo will change your mind, maybe even your life, if you give him half a chance. Just to give you a heads-up in the beginning, this is not a comedy....a dark night of the soul (for Denny especially, with Enzo providing the moral support) would be a more apt description but it is SO worth your time. I plan on giving this book to my Dad for Christmas.

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