Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Binky is stressing me OUT!

I got one mouse right off the bat and have seen/heard no physical signs of another one. The only thing is, Binky still continues to stake out the appliances in the kitchen. She sniffs around and hunkers down to wait and I have no idea if she's just anticipating more activity or there's another one running around. I know they don't usually come in singly, but after the first one I kept Bink locked up and left the traps out for a couple more days before taking up the traps and letting her back out. After a few of her stake out sessions, I got the fantods, locked her in my room last night and put the traps back out. Dhe yowled, and I mean YOOOOOOWLED,

I was so pissed AND tired AND grumpy today. To the unfortunates I had to work with today, I hope I hid it well.

I don't know what else to do. I have no money to hire a pest control service. Is it ever okay to live with a certain amount of mousiness? Should I just get over it? Has anyone else been through this before and have any advice for me? Pretty please?!?!

On another note, my radio interview aired at 10:30pm this past Sunday. I informed very few people because, in the event it sucked, I didn't want my whole social circle to have heard it. I tuned in promptly at 10:30 as the email from the interviewer had instructed...and the program was half over, my part having already passed. I admit I was relieved I did not have to hear and judge myself. My colleague who was also in the interview said it was great. I'll take that and not feel compelled to test her judgment. You'll all be happy to know that the interview involved absolutely no vomit on my part!

If you will direct your attention to the "My Success" sidebar item, you'll notice that I have very nearly broken into the 200's! I'm terribly excited! That is 86 pounds gone since Feb 2008. Not a great rate of loss, but I'm doing my best!

gotta go, must sleep.

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