Monday, September 14, 2009

truth and consequences

I admit it. I did not exercise this morning! I did not sleep very well (see the P.S. on yesterday's post. I will not vomit. I will not vomit. I will not vomit.) and I had both heartburn and a stomachache. An all around stellar Monday morning if I do say so myself. I was only up about 3 pounds so that was a blessing since I was expecting something worse. I can easily handle that as long as I don't stray too far from the right choices this week.

I did bring a t-shirt and some shorts so if it is not raining in 15 minutes, I will break out my Mp3 player and go for a brisk walk before eating lunch. I brought some white bean chili, turnip greens, squash, and a salad. I won't be going home right after work so I even packed a turkey sandwich and some baked chips and fruit to eat for dinner so I won't be compelled to eat fast food.

Yay me.

I have some index cards and am about to make some notes for the inner circle of hell tomorrow's radio interview. A good friend, who was once in the radio business himself, advised me to pretend that I am not talking to a radio audience but to the one person who will conduct the interview. Just forget you're on the radio. Easier said than done. Am I naive to hope that this is not a live spot? I forgot to ask about that.

I say again, with feeling: I will not vomit. I will not vomit. I will not vomit.


Erica said...

my prediction: you will be fine, you won't vomit, and your interview will ROCK!

Katie said...

you will not vomit
have fun!
p.s. word verification for this post was "metight"
how scintillating!!!!!!!!!