Friday, February 2, 2007

Long Time, No See :(

I'm back! Not in black's my day off so I really don't match at all and that is one of the most important and relaxing things about living in a rural doesn' t matter, no one else matches either. I have on a gray shirt, purple pants, and a green fleece sweater and I feel great!

It feels like I haven't been able to post in forever! Not having an Internet connection at home is really beginning to suck fiercely. Cable television is not available in my area and the phone company doesn't even run DSL out that far! So my only choice for an Internet connection is dial-up or satellite. Now, we're on a T1 line at work. If I had to go from a T1 at work to dial-up at home I would no doubt carve out my own heart with a spoon...a plastic one at that! The satellite option is just too far out of my price range at this point. Maybe after I finish my Master's degree and get my student loans paid off it can be revisited, but as it stands now all my extra funds are funneled to Tuscaloosa :)

My current post comes live and direct from the Greenpond Public Library! The people here are SO nice...this is the type of library I'd like to be in charge of. I'm not saying I would enjoy the budget crunch and lack of staff, among the other 1,000 things that really small libraries have trouble with, but the close knit community feel is great. I was here using the computers one time (working on a project for one my grad school classes) and I was DEEP into it. All of a sudden I realized how quiet it had gotten and it was 10 minutes after 5. Since the library closed at 5 you can imagine my chagrin :) The gentleman who works in the computer lab was typing away and began apologizing profusely on my way out and he said (!!!), "No, no, no, finish what you were doing. I'll be here another hour or so anyway." Now, that doesn't happen anywhere else. The circ department would skin me alive if I did that at my library. We wouldn't have made it to 3 after closing, much less 10. Lovely, just lovely to experience :)

I have all kind of interesting things to share from this semester's classes but, alas, I need a nap if I am going to be awake for the PBR extravaganza tonight. For those not in the know, that's Professional Bull Riders. I'm trying to talk myself into wearing my cowboy (cowgirl?) hat and boots. They look so forlorn just sitting on my desk with dust all over them...I really should get them out for a night on the town! So class talk will come later because there will be endless versions of chaps to observe tonight and so little time!



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