Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Sunday Morning Smackdown!.....not

I had on thick socks, jeans, and carried a machete.

I tapped cautiously on jars, pans, boxes, bowls, containers of every size and description.

However, the only thing I managed to do away with was one foolish spider. He failed to recognize the danger he was in until a swift shot of OFF: DEEP WOODS coated him and he knew no more! I swept and mopped and poked the broom handle into all the hidey-holes I could find on the back porch but no more snakes were to be found. Mom was very relieved but I felt very much like I did after watching Geraldo Rivera's Al Capone fiasco in 1986....irritated and disappointed. I was glad to get the back porch cleaned off but I had really wanted some excitement this morning and dispatching snakes would have fit the bill. I'm not finished however so maybe I'll have more luck on Tuesday when I go back.


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