Friday, August 17, 2007


You Are Machiavelli's Spawn

You're going to get what you want, and no one's going stand in your way.
(Even if it's just knocking out your roomie to get the last ice cream sandwich!)
People who slow you down, simply need to be taken out - by any means possible.
You are the master of charming, wooing, manipulating, and intimidating.


Kenny P. said...

I'm "Somewhat Machiavellian.

I liked question #9:
"You assume that most people have a viscous streak that could come out at any time."

I assume they meant "vicious streak." Though, I have some theories about what a "viscous streak" might be...

Holley T said...

ooops! I didn't notice that and now wish I had. A viscous streak...imagine!

Holley T said...

...I would also like to say that I've never been (to my knowledge) considered spawn of anything so this comes as a great honor :)