Thursday, August 16, 2007

IQ queries

I found this table of modern IQ ranges for various occupations (HERE's the link if the thumbnail won't enlarge) through my SEED Daily Zeitgeist feed.....

...and was more than a little miffed that librarians (or some category I could lump myself into) were not represented. We could have shown those college professors and medical occs a thing or two I'm sure! Maybe another reader will find a librarian-ish slot, but I couldn't. I have never taken an official IQ test and don't know anyone who has. Is it like elective surgery or are they required for some obscure occupation or other? I'm sure there's a substantial charge...? I've taken loads of free ones off the web and stay in a comfortable and constant 124-128 range. I'm sure the curve is more than adequate for such easily accessible tests, but according to this table I'm not doing too bad and I'll take it, chump change or no!

Ah, who am I kidding? I just love tests and quizzes for no apparent reason! In high school (rural area, so 7-12 for me) I used to take every prep test to come down the pike...P-SAT, P-ACT, XYZ, PNMSQT, XYZ, DAT, GHWERY, PHMWRTUG....ok, some of those are not tests but they could have been based on existing naming systems. It was $5 or $10 to take them and I ponied up every time. Everyone thought I was such a goody twoshoes, smartypants, what-have-you when really, it was worth $5 or $10 to basically skip class until after lunch. The tests didn't count for anything, the teachers were ecstatic that I wanted to take them, I didn't want to start off the day in this or that class...presto! Take a test!

Alright, so is that TOO weird or are we all still friends? If so, I'd love to tell you how I got out of long division in 3rd grade!

evenin' ya'll!



Kenny P. said...

That's an interesting chart, all right!
I guess I fall into the "Creative Occs" category. The average for that one appears to be about 109. I guess I'm special (and deserve a raise) for having an IQ of 134.

Jeff Stankard, Group Publisher said...

No publishers listed, but I'd say I'm middle of the road with a 138. I'm a test taker too. It's like a drug for me. When you posted that link the other day, I spent waaaaay too much time cruising through the various tests.

Holley T said...

alright people...I admit it! There is a kernel of jealousy in my heart that everyone here is in the 130's and I'm not! I always knew that D in pre-cal would come back to haunt me! Damn the shriveled raisin of the left side of my brain!