Monday, August 6, 2007

okay, I admit it!

concerned friends will cheer to the fact that I've finally started the Harry Potter books, in audio, but I've started. Jim Dale is everything various friends have made him out to be...what a great narration talent! I have an hour commute one way to work so it takes only a few days to do away with a 7 CD book. Seven CD's = ~8 hours which in turn = ~4 days.

I'm noticing that OOTP has 23 CD's and 26 hours and 30 minutes so that'll take roughly 2 weeks to listen to with no outside trips anywhere. Probably GOF will be that long as well, maybe DH too. I'm particularly excited that it won't take me 7 years to finish the series as it has everyone else. Harry lines, no waiting :)

On other fronts, I have my 3 month appointment with my therapist tomorrow and we are hopefully going to start the process of weaning off the antidepressant. I've been out of school now for a month, been on vacation, started going places after work with friends...just in general getting out more. I feel good, happier than I have in a long time. I signed up for an art class at the Museum in the fall, book making by hand, and am looking forward to that eagerly. Art on the Rocks is coming up soon also and it's toga night! I have instructions for making a toga all printed out, I just need to choose some fabric and decide just how over the top I'm willing to go :) I want the Vespa!!!

Gotta run! It's my shift on the reference desk!


Ms. Hubbard said...

Sweet art class!!! Go read Amelia Bedelia goes to the museum

Kenny P. said...

I was on Serzone back in '98. I think it helped.

Good for you, doin' all that stuff!

Jeff Stankard, Group Publisher said...

Sounds like life is good. If a Vespa is in your future - Lucky You! I bought one last year for my 3 mile commute to work, top speed is 45 (going downhill). My kids say I look awesome and they love it. Would not recommend it for an hour commute though. But it is a lot of fun to zip through town on when you have little errands to run and no desire to fire up the gas guzzler. Last time I measured, I was gettting about 61 mpg.

Holley T said...

wow! Amelia Bedelia...that'll take me back. I've never read any of them but boy have I shelved a few in my day :)

I do tend to stick the shadows when it comes to social situations, but I'm getting better. Noone ever believes I have problems with it because I'm so outgoing around people that I know. If they'd only known me in high school...on second thought, I'm glad they didn't :)

Yeah, the Vespa would not be for work, just for fun. Have any of you, other than T since we quote it together, watched Eddie Izard's standup show, Dressed to Kill? If I get the Vespa, the first thing I'm going to do is stop next to someone in traffic and say, Ciao!


Erica said...

good for you, trying to get off the antidepressants! i just got off mine a couple of months ago, and i feel soooo much better. i was on them for years.

and yay for hopping on the harry potter bandwagon!

double yay for eddie izzard! that man is HILARIOUS!