Friday, August 31, 2007

thanks....sort of BSkove (good luck in your new identity search! don't forget to let me know when you settle on one!) for this one!

I can't BELIEVE I'm blogging about it, and T would agree, but it is a scene out of my worst nightmares!

Everybody's getting excited, scientists are salivating (how 'bout that alliteration!?) but let me tell you what would happen if I found THIS in my aerosol spray of some flammable type and a lighter! I don't suffer the arachnids to live if I find them, I don't care how many mosquitoes they eat! An irrational fear is just that--irrational and my therapist and I have more important issues to discuss that what I think of some bastard bugs.

Some lady was talking about how beautiful it was, like a it's not lady, it's butt floss plain and simple. Some bug SECRETED that from its tail end and you call it magical? I guess I shouldn't be amazed that people are so(here and here are two of the most informative about social cobweb spiders in general) in awe of this structure, but I am so there you go...what to do about it? A matter of perspective I suppose as I see nothing beautiful about webs. My mother is terrified of snakes, which don't bother me in the slightest so others' phobias must keep me humble in regards to my own :)


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