Sunday, November 18, 2007

blog reading levels

The blog reading level widget (or whatever...I just like the word "widget") is making its way around the blogosphere now. It was well represented when I just went through my bloglines account. All kinds of blogs from all kinds of places are having a go at it.....and everyone else's blog has a higher reading level than mine. I'm trying to decide how I feel about that.

I originally discovered the little device on one of the more politically aggressive blogs that I like to read and his level was College (Postgrad). The blog's author was bemoaning the higher rating, saying that he'd rather have a blog that everyone could read and understand than have one that limited his readership.

I'm leaning towards feeling that way about mine. Sure, I'm frequently childish and silly, but I do try to be entertaining as well as informative. One of the factors that I thought may have been a big contributor to the rating is that, due to the fact that I know my young niece reads my blog, I severely limit language and other....content. Sometimes I regret that when I find something SO freakin' funny that it just begs to be shared but I get over it pretty quickly and move on.

I do wish I had something profound to share, but I don't...or at least, not often. As my level of anxiety and frustration ebbed away after my last grad school class, I've been headed back down the slope toward my normal, relaxed, nonchalant self and that has been more precious to me than anything else. So, middle school-level readers and up, log on and have fun!

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