Tuesday, November 13, 2007

of friends and furniture

Me, Allison, and Polly

So the Polly-Allison-Holley friendship trio struck out on seeing the Dolores Hydock concert…extra tickets did not present themselves. We ended up grabbing a quick dinner at Zoe’s and went to see Lars and the Real Girl. What a great movie! I don’t usually enjoy drama but this was one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in the theater in quite some time. There are funny elements to be sure but I sniffled plenty in the meantime.

It seems like mental illness is often portrayed as debilitating, but Lars’ delusion with Bianca empowered him to change into a better person, to relate to his brother in a more intimate fashion, to take part in the community like he’d never done before. Through this broadening of his horizons, Lars learns how to live. It was a real treat to see a drama in which there are no angst-ridden women. Now, don’t get me wrong…as an angst-ridden woman myself I understand the popularity of the stereotype but you don’t often see it from the other perspective. The only ones that come to mind most immediately (and on opposite ends of the spectrum) are Psycho and Failure to Launch.

To round off the movie in fabulous girls-night fashion we went to The Cheesecake Factory for after-movie dessert and coffee. Polly and I were so happy for the opportunity to really catch up with Allison. It had definitely been a year since I’d seen her but I think it hadn’t quite been that long for Polly. While we were all in library school together we spoke nearly everyday and saw each other at least once a week, then Allison graduated and got sucked into the work of a new job immediately. Polly and I weren’t on the same educational track since she’s getting school media specialization and I was a public library person so we didn’t have an opportunity to take another class together after that. All of this to say that it’s been awhile since we’ve been together and we had a FaBuLoUs time gabbing all night.

Sunday I had a fab&fun lunch with Katie and the kids at her mother’s house. We had yummy salad and lasagna, the girls ran around screaming and being incredibly cute, and we watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Final Sacrifice. I have never seen this program before and it was really similar to me and Roomie watching movies. Lots of commentary and laughter, not a lot of plot….

That afternoon Elizabeth and I (yes, I do indeed love the big screen) went to the movies to see Fred Clause.
1) I love Christmas movies.
2) I have a deep not-quite-polite affection for yummy, very-tall Vince Vaughn.
3) Hey, Paul Giamati, Rachel Weiss, Kevin Spacey?
4) I won’t ruin it for you, but it’s worth it for the Siblings Anonymous scene alone.
I will be purchasing this little gem for my Christmas Collection!


Today was the big day and (I apologize for the brief third person narrative) Holley has grownup furniture! Said furniture will be delivered on the 20th so I have got SoMe MoRe ClEaNiNg to do before I can let strange people in this house without dying of embarrassment. I went to Rooms-to-Go and had the best time picking out what I wanted! It’s going to be a whole new place when the sofa and recliner get here and I also got a new bed! Mom and I had lunch and also went to Sam’s to look at TV’s…very expensive stuff there. I’ll be waiting to see what kinds of offers are made during the after-Thanksgiving and after-Christmas sales.

Tonight’s movie selections, so far, have been National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (complete with hot cuppa cocoa) and 9 to 5, one of my favorites!


Erica said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE mystery science theater 3000! we have a bunch of the DVDs at our house and we watch them lots! you can borrow some if you ever want to watch more episodes :)

Ms. Hubbard said...

like the furniture