Friday, April 10, 2009

Auburn adventures

D and I left at about 6:30 Wed morning and arrived at the hotel/conference center by 9am.  It was a lovely drive if unseasonable cool.  

I went to a session on basic legal research for the public librarian which was a bit over my head but I did jot down some free websites and the names of a couple of interesting resources I'm going to check on for my library's collection.  We went to a southern author luncheon but had to leave before hearing from them to get to a session on conflict managment.  It turned out to be really nothing I haven't heard before but it did me no harm to be reminded of a few things.  

D and I roamed around the exhibit hall, made nice with a few vendors, scarfed up some pens and notepads (like you do), then headed out for a session on respect and how to give it to and get it from teens in the library.  I don't know how successful the session was at that, but I liked the instructor's point of how librarians (and others in public service) are given to being solicitous of (most) children and respectful of (most) adults and elderly patrons but tend to shut down in the face of a teenager.  

It's true, I have seen it happen and I'm pretty proud to say that we have great relationships with most of the teens who use our library.   Not all, but most...and I'll take that.  I lose my patience occasionally, but I'm only human.  

The instructor mentioned a librarian joke she'd heard (and I don't recall the source or the exact wording) that, like dog breeds, there is a "Working Group" among librarians.  They are pointers, retrievers, or setters.  I didn't really understand the setter reference but the other two I did get and I do sometimes find myself pointing more than I should instead of taking the patron where they need to go.  I'm going to do better about that after shaming my own self with the realization.

We were done by five and decided to see what Auburn had to offer.  While driving around I was telling D about last weekend's casino adventure and she casually mentioned that there was one not 30 miles away.  So yes, dear reader, D and I spent the evening at the nearby casino.  I made a bit of money for this summer's beach trip and we had a fabulous time!

Yesterday was another whirlwind of sessions with an RFID discussion, gearing up for next year's statewide read program, and an author award luncheon where we heard from: 
Janice Harrington, author of The Chicken Chasing Queen of Lamar County
S. A. Harazin, author of Blood Brothers
Gin Phillips, author of The Well and the Mine

These authors were recepients of 2009 Alabama Library Association Awards for Best Children's Book, Best Young Adult Book, Best Adult Fiction, and Best Adult Nonfiction.

D and I headed home after that, with one stop at Miller's Cheese House.  I am now in love with this store!  I bought some horseradish cheddar, butter cheese, and some pepperjack that will curl your toes.  Jams, jellies, pickled things, soup, chow chow, relish, candy, cheese, milk, buttermilk, butter...the choices are nearly endless.

280 traffic was horrible but we made it back to D's house unscathed and positively laden with lactose.  I hopped in my car, went to book group (we discussed One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus), proceeded to get a teensy bit tipsy, then headed home.

I'm am so tired right now that it is pathetic.  On the brightside, I'm having lunch with good friends today and Sunday I'm seeing Wicked with my niece (HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!), her cousin and my sister-in-law!


Erica said...

that sounds EXTREMELY fun. glad y'all had such a good time! D is awesome to travel with :)

i'm seeing "wicked" next tuesday night!!! v.v. excited!

Shelbo said...


I can't wait till we go.

And thanks for saying "Happy B-Day".

My buddy Dana asked me last week what I wanted for my birthday and I said, "The world!" So today at school, she gave me a beach ball with a map of the world on it. LOL!


Holley T said...

E-yep, this was my first trip with D and we gabbed all the way there and all the way back with lots of laughter and great stories!

S-Dana has a quick wit with the presentation of such a gift..a quality I greatly admire as you well know c: