Tuesday, April 7, 2009

heading off to Auburn

for the Alabama Library Association conference tomorrow and I'll be back on Thursday.  I'm going to learn about all sorts of fascinating information like RFID, automated book return, library services for teens, and basic legal research for the public librarian...don't you wish you could go to?  I'll be up at 5am so I can make the 9am session on legal research.  That is one of my least favorite questions to get from people so hopefully they will have some relevant information for me.  



Erica said...

have a great time! i turned down the chance to go, for various reasons. i hope you learn lots and have a super time!

T said...

Have fun!

Holley T said...

it was tiring but informative...I'm v.v. envious of Hoover's current RFID project and their plans for the future