Saturday, April 11, 2009

too funny

I deal with this scenario in some form or fashion every. single. day.

Most memorable of the recent comments was "this library is going to hell in a handbasket with a concert (spit out like cobra venom) going on down stairs!"  ML was having the monthly Game On tournament in the meeting room and the teens were playing Rock Band 2 on Wii.  

To call it a concert was stretching the truth to the breaking point really...some kid was mangling death metal, I don't remember what the song was now.  The patron went on to say that stuff like that didn't go on when he was that age in the library.  I hope I remember correctly that KT told him we didn't have a Wii then either.  I might just be remembering that in my own head.  He snarked at me too and I just smiled and said, "Yes, Game On is one of our most popular and well attended programs"  or something to that effect anyway.  

Sheesh, go to an academic library if you want silence cuz' ya ain't gettin' here mister!  Tune in people, I don't have a bun on my head, no tweed in my closet, my sensible shoes more often than not come with a Nike swoosh, and the public library is not quiet anymore (not many of them anyway).  Deal.

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Shelbo said...

Rockband 2? Aw, darn I shoulda been thur. Ellesse and I could be on expert lead guitar and bass and blowing folks away.

Oh *giggle*, my word verification is "pinger". XDDDDD I am not very good at Spanish but I know what that means.

Erica said...

heh. we get those comments too whenever storytime or whatever gets too loud. it is SO HARD not to just snort derisively at the patron complaining, but to actually pretend to take them seriously.

i saved that unshelved too--i love how they call it "the misperception." i also loved the one a while back where dewey referred to "schrodinger's catalog" or something. hilarious!