Friday, July 31, 2009

Dillinger's Wild Ride by Elliott Gorn

I have been loving the movie trailers for Johnny Depp’s new movie, Public Enemies, so I sought out a biography of Dillinger to read before I see the movie. Dillinger’s Wild Ride SO fit the bill. As a bonus, it was all about the perception of John Dillinger during The Great Depression that last wild year before his death so this satisfied my curiosity AND fulfilled a bookgroup requirement! I like my nonfiction in a narrative style with fast movement. If it gets too bogged down in the details I’ll get bored and stop reading no matter my interest in the topic. This book fit the bill to a T and I finished on the beach in no time! The author struck just the right balance (for me) between the facts and the scintillating details. There is a nice section of archival photos in the middle that I flipped to time and time again during my readings. Dillinger’s story really seemed to touch the pulse of the country during that time and I am eager to tell my book group about this one at our meeting August 25th!

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