Friday, July 31, 2009

Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

I have been looking forward to Mr. Shivers ever since I saw it a few months back on Orbit’s website! You’ll still have to wait until January for publication but I got an ARE at the American Library Association conference in Chicago earlier this month and devoured it while I was at the beach last week J

Mr. Shivers goes by a lot of names: the moonlight man, the black rider, the bum’s devil, the vagrant’s boogey man. For Connelly, he is evil incarnate and the murderer of Connelly’s little girl. Connelly has left everything he knows and hopping trains, living off the land, and passing time in the Hoovervilles of Depression era America in his quest to hunt down the man responsible for his now hellish existence. Help comes at different times from unexpected sources but during the worst social and economic time in American history, even perseverance may not be enough to exact the revenge Connelly craves.

I loved this book just as much as I knew I would, even though it wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it would be. What it didn’t have in scariness, it made up for in gratuitous violence. This is a grim, dark, brutal tale not for the faint of heart. My heart is never faint and I lurved it mightily. I look forward to its publication in January 2010!

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