Thursday, July 16, 2009

health and stuff

I got a little postcard back from my doctor visit with all kinds of happy news on it. I, dear readers, am a super healthy overweight person! Just the weight to work on now since all my percentages, pressures, and levels are above average on a scale of goodness. I even got a smiley face from the lab people, how often does that happen? It's a first for me!

So, yesterday morning I came back to my office and I had a voice mail from the alarm company. Someone broke into my house via the prominent front at 9:15 on a Wednesday morning not 20 feet from a main road. I had been at work for one hour. So, I turned around and made the trip back home. Nothing was missing so apparently they bailed immediately after crowbaring the door open when the alarm went off. Yay for alarms! Dad is coming over this afternoon with a semi-homemade device to deter any future crowbarers and by all accounts, it sounds good and industrial. If it is also photogenic, I'll share!

On a more pissy note, the sherriff asked me if it was possible that I had not secured my door properly that morning. "Yes, Officer. I always set the alarm and leave the front door open. It's so festive." He also asked me if the crowbar marks were on the door previously. Like you do. But, I do want them to respond if I need them in the future so I answered all of his questions very politely and thanked him for his time. What else can you do?

Gotta run, it's lunch time!


Unknown said...

Yes, officer, the Martha Stewart Living magazine suggested I put decorative crowbar marks on my front door. It's a good thing.

Poor Binky! I bet she was terrified!

t said...

It's that new 'distressed' look. :-)