Friday, July 31, 2009

lazy day

I had a whole bunch of stuff I should have/could have done today and I voted to do none of it! I've caught up with my book blogging (as you can see) and drank a bunch of water and that is damn near it! Dad did come over and soup up my front door, making it nearly impossible to be crowbarred open again by anyone except maybe Andre the Giant. I am about to make some hot chocolate because it is SO cold in Alabama in July/ really, I just have nothing sweet in the house except for diet hot chocolate powder. How hard-core nutritional is that (except for the trans fat)? There is actually nothing in this house to eat except frozen hotdogs and frozen brocolli but I have to wait til payday to buy groceries so I will feast on hotdogs and brocolli for at least a week :-)

My agenda for the afternoon? I am going to watch 3 horror movies, then attempt to slumber peacefully.

that is all. oh, the movies are The Unborn, Session 9, and Shutter. Not the best of horror according to Rotten Tomatoes but that doesn't stop my imagination from kicking into high gear while I'm trying to go to sleep :-)

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Kenny P. said...

I hope your Dad set up some kind of booby trap! Those suckers need to be MADE TO PAY!!!