Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Art Night honorable mentions

I luuurved this one and was disappointed that it did not get more votes. It reminded me of some of the work of the venerable Kenny's Korner!
Our pipecleaner sculpture category: the one on the left won "worst sculpture" while the one on the right competed for "best effort" which ended up going to the painting below.
This was an excellent effort by Kathy. It was just too good! You've obviously done this before, K!
KT's sister's rendering of her dog Noodle and his seemingly ubiquitous puddle of urine. She got only a few votes for "worst painting".
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Kenny P. said...

Thanks for the mention...I think. ;)

Holley T said...

I just meant that the casually (and unobservant) observer might think it was silly, but there's really all this complex, sophisticated social commentary going on in the background for those with enough moxie to see it...I definitely meant it in a complimentary fashion KP!