Sunday, August 31, 2008

gearing up for gustav

I can't say that I'm doing much of that. I went to T's house for lunch, swimming and alcohol. Then I went to KT's for dinner, board games and alcohol. Now I'm back, restless with watching for our impending doom, and looking for things to distract me. Speaking of alcohol:

...I've been there before. The elephant (about 1:38 in) is the funniest part, front legs clearly out of action but still reaching for another fruit. Enjoy!

I'll be here petsitting until Tuesday night but I don't know anymore beyond that. I don't know where Tucker and Cole's mom went (though I do have contact info if things get dicey) but I live in a mobile home so I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't feel some relief at not being there during the storms when they finally get here. I just don't know if T & C's mom will be able to get back here from seems like air travel will most definitely be affected. We'll see I suppose.

night all!

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