Monday, August 18, 2008

a case of the Mondays

you ever feel like there's just not enough time to get everything you'd like to accomplish...well, accomplished? Except then I start thinking I'm a dweeb for wanting to get so much done in one day...then I start feeling guilty about my crappy Monday work ethic, or the lack thereof. Before you know it, it's lunchtime, I have a little time to myself but I'm feeling too sorry to enjoy it. Why is that? Is there a doctor in the house?

that being said, I did get started on the two biggest projects causing me distress and finished one, mostly finished the other. My major problem is that I pick this crap as a project that takes a pair of freakin' mental tweezers, not something I can do in broad sweeps, and I choose to work on it at the desk. When you're sitting at the only desk on an entire floor of nonfiction, fiction and reference materials wearing a button that says, "Ask Me!" you don't get a whole lot of administrative crap done. I like the mornings, I can concentrate then. When 6pm rolled around tonight I didn't hang on any longer than I had to even though KT had just gotten in and I could have had a lovely chat. I just wanted my nightgown and my hot, honeyed decaf green tea, ya know?

Let me tell you what I am currently burning up, selling crap on Amazon! I've culled my books, dvd's and cd's of things I'm no longer in love with and have sold 17 items in the past week! I've had to go to the postoffice everyday except Sunday and I would have went then but they are closed of course. I'm really enjoying myself and loving that email message that says, "Sold, Ship Now!". Uh-dict-shun, I tell you! (otherwise known as "addiction") The only drawback is that new sellers have to wait 14 days until the first disbursement of profits and that will be on the 23rd, one day after payday. As I'm down to my last $30 bucks (if you don't count the fact that I'll have to fill up put that in the gas tank tomorrow), I could have used my little windfall a bit earlier but I'll just have to make do, drive slow and hope $30 bucks worth of petrol will get me to Friday!

I'm not saying my ends have to meet, but it'd be nice if they could get close enough to see each other and wave :(


Erica said...

my monday was absolutely horrible.

also how do you start selling stuff on amazon? is it hard to get going?

Anonymous said...

I got on the elevator with a girl this morning and got tickled when she said (sarcastically) 'It's all downhill from here!'

Holley T said...

E - find me when you get a free moment and I'll show you the ropes right quick, then you too can yearn after the "sold, ship now!" email (of which I have received another today! mailed 3 items at the post office this morning!)