Monday, February 4, 2008

Book meme ! ! !

(via @ the Library by way of someone Woeful knows)

  • grab the nearest book at hand of more than 123 pages
  • turn to page 123
  • find the 5th sentence
  • post the next 3 sentences
  • tag other people (woeful recommends 5 but I don't think I have 5 blogging friends, we'll see)
KT and her Jane Austen-loving self put up an Austen display on the reference desk so the nearest book at hand for me is Jane Austen: A Life by David Nokes.

Without further ado:
Away in the East Indies, Frank was transferring from HMS Perseverance to HMS Minerva; James was regularly hunting with the Prince of Wales at Kempshott Park; Edward was setting himself up as a great landowner in Kent; Henry was at Oxford, and even little Charles was placing his first foot on the ladder of naval command. Her brothers lived in the public world of history, politics and global affairs, but Jane was confined to the domestic world of female preoccupations, a world quite invisible to the eye of history, where a confidence in pronouncing the superiority of an Indian muslin over an English one must be reckoned a very great accomplishment. It dismayed her how these busy men would all affect to despise mere novels as ephemeral female diversions; their only reading must be in more weighty subjects: history, political economy and the more sententious kind of moral essays.

Well, wasn't that spectacularly interesting? I wish now that I'd cheated and found a book with an interesting 123rd page....

Anyway, it's your turn KT, Book Diva,, KP?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along!

Kenny P. said...

Do I have to post it on my blog, or can I post it here? I'll post it here for now:

Fat, a holy man now, would become a modern-day magus. All he lacked was a clue-- some hint as to where to seek. Zebra would tell him, eventually; the clue would come from God.

-From VALIS by Philip K. Dick.

Ta-da! Or, should I say, Da-Da?

Holley T said...

nope, you don't have to post it on your blog...I'm not that picky :)
And your 123rd page is better than mine too! E's was from Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men and hers was better too. I've really got to start thinking ahead on these things!