Saturday, February 2, 2008

saints (or anybody else like-minded) preserve us!

(via The Vampire Librarian)
My Life Dreams:
1. Quit school
2. Get on Girls Gone Wild.
3. Have my baby.
--As seen on a dry erase board in one of our study rooms.
*Sucks was definitely written by someone else later.

At my library, all we get are cusswords and the occasional attempt at naughty drawings. If we're lucky, it's the dry erase board and not the walls or windows.


Vampire Librarian said...

I didn't bother to blog the scene of tentacle rape that was drawn on another dry erase board. I fear my students some days.

Holley T said...

Well, it's a difference in age as well (maybe?) since you're at the university level and most of the kids visiting my department are
7th and 8th graders...plenty of filth to be sure (after all, they are reading Gossip Girls and The Clique) but not much courage :)