Sunday, February 3, 2008

spontaneity ! ! !

so when I got off work yesterday I had a voicemail from my brother (I just canNOT get him to call me at my actual work number!) saying that they were planning on going to a movie and inviting me along. My nephew's 7th birthday was a few days ago and this would be another celebration of that as well. When I called, they were messing around the house doing around-the-house kinda stuff because I hadn't returned his 10am phone call. It was at this point that we had a brief not unfriendly spat about calling on a landline when it's important. At la biblioteca, we are not allowed to carry our cell phones on the floor so I'm not in the habit of checking for messages until the end of the day. Anyway, that's not important.

I ended up pointing my car towards Jasper instead of home and we went to dinner at Shogun's Japanese Steak House where there were flying knives, spatulas, and food as well as gouts of flame to the ceiling and a volcano made of stacked onion rings. If you've never been to a Japanese steak house I recommend it!

Our movie....Hannah Montana. In the interests of not offending girls around the world, I'll say that she seems to be a truly decent young lady and leave it at that. I have to mention that at one point one of the roadies talks about all the little girls screaming and he says "it's like standing behind a jet engine," they do a quick cut to a concert scene and it is a very similar sound to the flight deck of an aircraft carrier :)

I had an absolutely FaBuLoUs time with my brother, niece and nephew (bunko night for sis-in-law!) and hope that our next visit doesn't take so long to arrange.

evenin' ya'll!


Elizabeth's thoughts and musings said...

That sounds like a wonderful time.

Holley T said...

It was indeed a very good time :) My little niece and nephew are growing up so fast it makes me sad. I seriously need to get over to their house more often before I miss it!