Thursday, February 7, 2008

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I'm getting so O-L-D! I feel like one of those elderly men who keep telling the same stories over and over, never once remembering that this is like the 89th re-telling. So, forgive me if I'm repeating myself.

Comfortably Numb
My carpal tunnel is still raging, with all the fingers of my left hand with the exception of my pinky having little or no sensation. It's very uncomfortable. So I have a nerve conduction study on Valentine's Day. KT said, "That's a bummer." I replied, "It's not like I'm gonna have anything better to do." There you have my life in a two sentence conversation.

Ah! The Sun! Shield Me!
My doctor has also recommended that I do a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea, which he seems to think is a certainty given my nearly constant fatigue and afternoon sleepiness. (of course, it would have nothing to do with the extra tonnage I've managed to put on in the past 3 years) Additionally, my blood test results show that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. I'm supposed to take vitamins (trying), eat bone-in sardines and canned salmon (um, have to get paid tomorrow before any new victuals can make their way into the house), and get out in the sun (guess I need to start taking my breaks at work). What? You mean the ab fab flourescent lighting at the library won't do? *gasp* I get to the library at ~8:30 or 9 (a.m.) while the sun is still behind the trees for the most part and I leave when it's dark. I'm turning into an albino apparently.

Tiptoe-ing Through The Clovers
I finally got KT and her sister Z to go see Cloverfield! Now I am personally responsible for one more Cloverhead in the world. Unfortunately, my accolades fell short with Z, who liked the movie but didn't find it to the same pants-crapping terror-fest that KT and I enjoyed. She claimed to have watched too many horror movies at which point she and KT had a (very tiny but noticeable) verbal spat where KT pointed out that she was older and had probably watched just as many if not more horror movies than Z and it scared her! KT asked me in the beginning, when I called her from the parking lot of the movie theater after my first viewing, breathless and still terrified, if it was supernatural creepy and I said, unequivocably, NO! It was just so loud and violent and terrifying! I wanted (both times) to go home and stock up on flashlights and nonperishables in case something started destroying Bibb County! (KT did some holing up at home of her own, the film made quality time with the kids imperative...) So, Hi. I'm Holley. I'm a Cloverhead. I have been since January 18th, how about you?

A Tale of Two Eyes
So I came across a review of the upcoming (yet again, a remake of a Asian film) release, The Eye. I won't say the review janked the movie exactly, but much more praise was lavished on the orgininal Cantonese version which apparently is supposed to be v.v. scary where this one is just tedious. I quickly queued it on Netflix and bumped it to the top. The disc has sat on my kitchen counter for 3 days now because I'm too pansy-assed to watch it :) So tomorrow, I'm taking it to work, KT and I are ordering in pizza and watching it on our lunch hour. If it's good enough (and conversely, not too bad) I'll be considering it for my 2nd Annual Horror Movie Marathon program at the library in October. The kicker will be if it's dubbed. If you have to turn on subtitles it won't work with the digital projection system we have at la biblioteca. Here's hoping!

Holier Than Nonfiction
Here's a new one, and I really should have remembered this as I voted on it. I am a member of the Reader's Advisory Roundtable in the library consortia I work in. We meet bimonthly and bring (generally) two examples of the agreed upon topic WHICH WE ARE TO HAVE READ, and share them with the group. When it comes right down to it, we are kinda like a librarian's book group...and we get paid for it :) This month's theme? Christian Fiction. I voted for it specifically because it is a genre I don't read. Unfortunately for me, I forgot about the meeting until reminded recently so now I have until next Wednesday to read to books and prepare a book talk for each. I had absolutely no idea how to just jump into choosing one so I decided to go with prize winners. The major awards for Christian Fiction are The Christie Awards and I chose the winner for Historical Fiction, Tracy Groot's Madman, and the winner for Suspense (a.k.a faith-based thriller), Tim Downs' Plague Maker. I should actually be starting the reading frenzy now instead of sitting in front of my laptops but all needs must be fed :) Rest assured I'll let you know what I think since these two will also be entries #9 and #10 of my Book Awards Reading Challenge if I finish them.

Now, on to the comedy train!

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