Thursday, February 28, 2008

massagers and croutons

So, I babysat KT's children tonight...three lovely girls who were on their very best behavior :) We watched some outstanding Spongebob (YAY for KP!) but it soon went off and I was left with a couple of truly dismal Cart00n Netw0rk and Di5ney shows....truly dismal. No wonder I can barely stand most preteens if that is what they watch and who they emulate.

But, moving on...due to KT and I reaffirming the goal of health, she had her husband move their recumbant bike into the den so she could workout while watching tv. As countless others have no doubt observed in their own homes, if we loved our exercise equipment as much as children do no one would have weight problems. KT had shared with me the girls' love of the recumbant bike but this was my first time to witness two people fight over exercise equipment :)

I asked E, "Do you like the bike being in here?" She looked at me like I'd recently licked a dog's a$$ and said, "It's not a bike. It's a...a ex......a's an exmassager." What could I say? I stand corrected.

Later on in the evening, after I'd put P-toes in her crib, I was quizzing the girls about their upcoming trip to see KT's husband's family. They were telling me all about their cousins and their nona and their Aunt M. I mentioned how much I like Aunt M the couple of times I've been around them and E said, "We sleep at Aunt M's house when we go to Kentucky. Mommy and Daddy sleep with us. I mean, they have their own bed but we sleep in the same room. I (important emphasis placed on this pronoun by E) sleep on a beautiful Care Bears bed. Essie sleeps on a big wooden crouton."

Now, I'll laugh at my mother because she's mostly a grown up and can handle it but I refuse to laugh at a near 6 year old. It was hard, though. All I said was, "A crouton, huh?" E replied, "Yeah, a wooden one." I had to wait until KT and her dh got home to share the fun. I have slept on a futon before and believe I too would prefer the crouton.....

night ya'll!


Kenny P. said...

Yay for SpongeBob, yay for croutons!

Holley T said...

those girls keep their whole family and more entertained!