Saturday, February 23, 2008

dinner and dusting

We had dinner at this little b&g place called the Buck Creek Grille. The back story to choosing this restaurant starts maybe 10 years ago or longer. Here in Birmingham we used to have a minor league hockey team, the Birmingham Bulls. I started going to the games when I was maybe 14 or 15, before I could drive there myself anyway. That's where I met T and her mom and the other friends I had dinner with tonight. Eventually my friendships with them went beyond "hockey friends" to the real deal where we all got together outside of the games. Well, they were members of the Booster Club long before I was and were friends with several of the players. Bama girls being what they are, several of the players got married and never returned to Canada :) That's just how we roll. The Buck Creek Grille is owned/operated by one of the former Birmingham Bulls hockey players that T and her mom sponsored during that time and we visited more than we ate. He came out of the kitchen every time he had a spare moment and talked with us. It was a really good time.

Since it is a bar & grill type place, most everything came directly out of the vat but I had a delicioso cobb salad. I watched the cheese fries, fried mushrooms, chicken strips, french fries and onion rings make their way around the table (we are sharers when it comes to food) and I partook not! God, it was so hard not to dive in. My mouth watered and my stomach cramped with avarice but I didn't eat any of it. I also finished my giant, very tasty salad feeling like I hadn't eaten a thing at all but that's just my petulant appetite at work. I've since had an apple and a bunch of water and it's getting better. Why does eating healthy have to be so damn hard? And expensive? And inconvenient?

On the cleaning front, I just couldn't leave all that on my to-do list for tomorrow so I did everything but the kitchen and I'll leave that for the morrow before I head off to see my momma....and Chiquita!

evenin' ya'll!


Katie said...

Goodest for thouest for noteth partakingeth
I fell off the wagon and ate some cookie dough :(
Back on the wagon now though!!!!

T said...

I wish you had told me you were avoiding fried foods, I would have skipped the mushrooms! I have given up Dr Peppers for lent. I've been doing good except Audrey told me it doesn't count on Sunday. Grrrr... the temptation!

Holley T said...

It's all right,T! I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it. It won't do me much good to try and change my life if I can't make it past one little platter of fried mushrooms :) I completely understand on the Sunday front. What's the use in giving something up if you can have it once a week? So I'm staying away from the Sunday rule and have been strong so far but March 22 is SO far away :)

t said...

By my calculations, we're about half way there!