Thursday, February 21, 2008

rain brings sunlight

Isn't it strange how opposites have this whole relationship thing going. Today is Thursday, obviously, but ALL WEEK I have had this unfounded, hell-sprung rage simmering just beneath the surface. No reason, no provocation, it's just been there, quietly keeping my blood pressure in the stratosphere and my mood in the toilet. Today however, when I woke up to the sound of rain and then the power went out so I had to get ready in the dark and then traffic caused me to be late to work AND I had another 6 week round of computer classes start this morning and the internet was down...I have had the best morning!
I'm happy, cheerful, feeling good about life.

My three computer students are going to be GR8! I have one lady who SWEARS she's never sat down at a computer in her life (who just bought a laptop off of midnight HSN ~2wks ago), is 76 years old, has multiple sclerosis, and is kicking @$$ in this class! I told her how to use the mouse and people, she laid her hand down on it and worked it perfectly....smooth, controlled and precise. I don't remember that EVER happening in this class unless the person was overqualified for my class and quite bored.

I usually devote the second half of the first class to leading them through a mouse tutorial but we couldn't today because of the internet situation. We talked alot, I went over my handout page by page, we had a lot more time to discuss the important keyboard keys...I didn't really miss the internet. I may move the mouse tutorial back to the second class from now on...I'll see how much they remember next week before I make a big change like that though.

It's lunch time, gotta run so I can be back for my desk shift at 1!

afternoon ya'll!

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Erica said...

i'm glad you're feeling more positive!