Saturday, February 23, 2008

evil housework update

well, it's now about 4.5 hours since I began cleaning and here is what I have accomplished:

  • changed sheets

  • finished ALL laundry (including sheets from remaking the bed!)

  • folded, put away/hung up all clothes, towels, etc.

  • dusted all dustable surfaces in my room and bathroom

  • cleaned my bathroom (double sinks and counter, garden tub, separate shower, 3, oh yeah, and the toilet)

  • vacuumed floors in my room

  • washed ALL dishes (including the yucky crockpot that had been soaking overnight and Binky's giant tropical waterfall waterbowl)

I did stop for lunch and did the recommended strength training exercises from Sparkpeople while my oh so healthy Lean Cuisine did it's thing in the microwave. I do not plan any exercises tomorrow however :) Tomorrow's agenda includes cleaning:

  • the kitchen (including mopping the floor!)

  • my two extra rooms (easy peasy as they are virtually empty)

  • the guest bathroom (Binky's was drinking out of the toilet before I got her the giant tropical waterfall waterbowl but other than that, it has been unused since I cleaned up after the Christmas party mid-December so that will be easy peasy as well)

  • the living room (another easy peasy, mostly just dusting and picking up Bink's cat toys)

Well, wasn't that an exciting blog post! Now I'm off to get ready to go meet T, her mom and some of our other friends for dinner, which I feel like I have really earned at this point. I gave up fried foods for Lent so eating out in the South at small restaurants sometimes becomes a problem. I'm confident I can find something yummy though. I'll let ya'll know...


afternoon ya'll!



Katie said...

So glad you got some cleaning done!!!!! I will have to come check it out with the girls sometime soon ...

Holley T said...

I'd love that KT! I'll make'll have to bring the Disney movies though :)