Friday, September 5, 2008

paved with good intentions

so I didn't get ANY blogging done during my petsitting stint.  

Where does our time go?  What eats up so much of it?  I can't even remember all the details of my days when I get home at night, forget remembering anything when I get up the next morning.  Is this the proverbial "life passing you by?"  How do you change that?  How do I make more time when there isn't much I'm willing to give up?  Why are there always more questions than answers?

Anyone?  Bueller?


Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I've even driven home and not known how I got there because I don't remember driving home. There must be an auto-pilot feature that my alter-ego knows about.
You got me in trouble with the last comment there, Ferris. I had burst out laughing and it is so quiet over here you would think I worked at a library.

Holley T said...

You mean you have screaming infants and tantrum-ridden toddlers in your place of business too? Quiet, what's that?