Friday, January 9, 2009

because i KNOW you missed it . . .

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Isnt' 187 the police code for a homicide???  Anyway, moving on!

Our cats like to play with a "toy" we built especially for them.  We got a 4-foot-high tree stump and securely nailed it to a 3-foot-square plywood base.  The base is covered with bath carpet.  On top of the stump, we attached a 2-foot-square plywood "perch," securely screwed into place and also covered with carpet.  using heavy elastic cord, we've hung stuffed felt toys (with catnip added to the stuffing) from the edge of the perch.  The toys are hung at different heights to provide a challenge to our cats.  When they're tired of batting the toys, they use the stump as a scratching post or for climbing practice.
A. and B., Fredericksburg, VA

Obviously what they've forgotten to mention is that they run a wildlife sanctuary.  Crikey!  Bink would NOT go for me hauling a stump into the house, plus she likes to be up high so she can peer down with disdain on people (as any good cat should).  What about termites and other bugs and germs and stuff...SPIDERS for crawling crying out loud!?!?!?  Climbing practice?  At 4 ft high? Wow, I hope the poor kitteh doesn't get vertigo.  Bink's cattree, I am proud to report, is 7 ft high and trumps your lousy stump any day!  Bink doesn't need practice because she goes ahead and just climbs.  Okay, enough bitchin'!

night ya'll!

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