Monday, January 5, 2009

the university of WTF

(I stole that phrase from

The Hag asked me why she was being "disallowed from logging into her email account"

When I got to her computer, she had typed (for example) into the browser address bar. When I tried to explain about the difference between email addresses and website addresses, she interrupted me (with a disgusting snort)

Hag: Well, I've always done it this way before and it worked just fine.

Me: Well, I'm sorry but I've never heard of that working before. You'll have to go directly to's website and log in directly to your webmail.

Hag: This used to work every time until now, what's the problem?

Me: I've never heard of anyone being able to put the @ sign in the browser address bar and have it work. I'm sorry I can't help you.

(exit, pursued by Hag's evil glare bear)

so, internets people, does this ever work?


A patron told me the copier wasn't working. When I got over to it, she had put the document she wanted copied on top of the copier, put in her money, and pressed the print button.

Me: Ma'am, see here where it says the document should be face down on the glass? You have to lift the lid and lay the document on the glass.

I lift the lid, put the document down, and ask her to put a dime in. She says, in an aside, "well, I already put a dime in, but oh well." When I retrieved her copy, there was a blank page with it.

Me: Ma'am, this is what happened to your other dime. You have to put the document you want printed IN the copier in order for it to work. (Me Thinking: We haven't yet perfected the copy-by-osmosis machine)

She laughed self-consciously (as she should have) and left quickly. I did not offer her a refund on her wasted dime and, to her credit, she didn't ask for one.


Erica said...

i hate copier-related questions and problems. HATE them.

Katie said...

i'm sorry.i don't even know what to say. in fact, were i sitting near you, i couldn't even look at you right now, and i think you know what i mean.

Holley T said...

the Hag apologized today, admitting that she didn't have any idea why she thought that would have worked...her exact words, "It's been a long, er, well, last year was long."

uh, yeah.