Friday, January 9, 2009

O M G!!!!!!!! 2.0

if you didn't get a chance to enjoy this or any of the other wonders to behold at the Gallery of Regrettable Food, go now...I'll wait!

If you've had the good fortune to be fully, or mostly versed, in the Regrettable Food creed, imagine wrestling this bad boy onto the table here!

Picture it.  The cinnamon roll horror is jiggling slightly from the impact of setting it down.  It's also glistening in the glow from the Galaga light fixture, ready to be beamed up and teamed up.  I think the flowers would really set it off.  I also think the scent from the flowers would blend well with whatever scent that monstrosity is giving off.  Luckily, the vomit would show up vividly on the rug...10 points if you ring the flowers instead.   Who's house is this? :)  

Since it's too small to read, let me share the commentary on this design: "A variation of red, white and blue: Orange-red, white and blue is a delightful variation of the patriotic color medley.  Here it brightens a delightful country dining room, a composition of sleek modern and informal traditional furniture and accessories.  Geometric rugs by Magee."  

That's especially helpful for replacement after the barf-worthy meal.

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