Saturday, February 14, 2009


Am I the only one excited to see the new Friday the 13th remake?  Am I the only one in the known universe that like Rob Zombie's Halloween?  Do I care if I am?  :)  I still haven't seen My Bloody Valentine 3D and I can feel the clock ticking...maybe I'll go see it tomorrow after work...

Moving along, here is a GrEaT article on all the stats you ever wanted to know about the Friday the 13th franchise via those fine folks at Cinematical!

In other news, last night I watched what I consider to be officially the silliest movie ever created, Death Racers. I apologize in advance for the trailer, sorry kiddos. So four teams in modified cars are going into this compound to kill a hack-actor menacing villain. I won't go into extravagant detail but one of the teams is called Vaginamite and the Insane Clown Posse decided to join the fun. Good times, good times. I haven't seen this much fake blood...evah! The whole 90 something odd minutes floats along on a cloud of obscenities and bad camera angles. Sick Nurses was better and it was by no means good...death by purse decapitation must be a horrible way to go :)

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