Friday, February 6, 2009

a new meme - Ten Things!

I came across this on The Book Lady's Blog and asked to join in the fun!  I left a comment for Rebecca and her Randomizer picked the letter "V"!  

If you want to join in, leave me a comment and I'll randomly assign you a letter of your very own!  Once you have your letter, you must list 10 things you love that start with the assigned letter!

1. vacations
2. vidalia onions
3. vodka martinis, filthy
4. my vision
5. vampire fiction
6. Vermeer paintings
7. vanilla extract
8. vinegar & salt potato chips
9. violin music
10. ventriloquist Jeff Dunham

Who wants to be next???


Erica said...

pick me! pick me!

Katie said...

pick me too!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this where the line starts?

Holley T said...

Hey T, I sent you an email but in case you check back here, your letter is "M"!

Holley T said...

oh yeah, and I'm adding Viggo Mortenson as #11

Unknown said...

Ooh, ooh, me too!

Holley T said...

T's Ten Things (received via email)!

Ok. I had to google, because my brain stopped at M&M's. But here it is:

1. 'mart' stores
2. all things mummy
3. meteorology
4. m&m's
5. music
6. Monet
7. memories
8. minerals (amethyst, aquamarine, etc)
9. mockingbirds
10. money