Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Last Saturday I went to a Bal Masque Mardi Gras party with some of my friends...we all clean up pretty nice!
It was the Bal Masque for the Mystic Krewe of the Druids and this was the outgoing Druid Queen. All my pictures of the Druid King turned out really fuzzy, it was so dark in the theater.
This towering bee was the headliner of one of the acts. I have video which I am currently trying to upload.

This was the first Mardi Gras party I've ever been to and I will definitely go back if I get the invite! I had a great time and it was not too far from home. I stayed at the hotel with my friends so, other than my ticket in, it was a fairly inexpensive evening. I didn't even suffer too much the next day though I was tired.
One of my favorite acts of the evening (I was too tipsy by then to think of getting video) was a tableau in which a gentleman in poncho and sombrero is sitting at the foot of a cactus, his faithful burro grazing nearby. In a nearby cafe, a beautiful senorita is fanning herself. Suddenly, the burro stands up and breaks into song to the tune of Age of Aquarius. Instead, the chorus is Age of the Hairy Ass and it had funny lyrics to go along with it. For the rest of the evening, the joke of the moment had a Hairy Ass somewhere in it, rest assured :) It was SO funny, I just WISH I could remember some of the lyrics!
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