Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kat Von D book signing

I imagine this was more tattooed people than Barnes & Noble had ever seen congregated within their store...they had us snaking in lines throughout the store. I had an E on my armband so it took awhile, but I was patient (and I shopped)!
As you can see, she shook hands with this person and with everyone who stepped up to the table. Of course, you had to have an armband and to get an armband you had to have or buy a book :) smart marketing there... You can also see the 6 inch platform heels. My feet hurt just looking at them!

I didn't have anyone in line with me and Katie and I lost touch while I was in line so this is me taking a picture of Kat Von D signing my book. Right before she looked up to shake hands and take my book, I set my shopping basket on the floor and shoved it ahead of me. She got concerned that she'd knocked something over and I could feel my face blush when I, in my best and unavoidable Southern manner said, "No ma'am, that was my shopping basket." Those were the only words I spoke to Kat Von D other than to say thank you.

I did not see Nikki Sixx anywhere in the store :)
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