Thursday, December 27, 2007

beasties reloaded

so the Pig didn't carry the spiffy new no-view-no-touch mouse trap that I wanted, only the bait pellets and glue traps. I wasn't willing to risk Coriander getting into either one of those so I just picked up some frozen dinners and went on my merry way. This lady has nothing in her house except weird pastas and organic milk so I was liberal in my choices. I got back to the house and discovered this lady also has no microwave. I have to cook something in the oven which takes 4-EVER! Most of the things I bought are microwave only and I begin to see my profits for this job, when combined with the thin, uncomfortable mattress, the rodent, the grumpy cat, and the pitiful mist that passes for a shower, steadily declining.

This morning, the rodent started up at 12:57. I turned the light on hoping the little bastard would run for cover and it seemed to work at first, at least long enough for me to doze off again. Alas, sleep was not meant to be. I ended up in her daughter's room on a bunk bed, a decent one too as far as that goes, where I tossed and turned fitfully until about 6:20. It was cold in there, but at least it was quiet. A better pillow and a fan for some white noise to drown out the rodent and I may get a decent night's sleep tonight.

Somedays I really feel like retiring from petsitting all together....then I remember my fun clients and smile to think of the next time I'll see them. I'm such a pushover.

Luckily for me, an emergency job (another new client from a referral!) has come up starting tomorrow night and lasting for the same amount of time so Cori is moving to visitation and I'll be staying at the other house. They have cats AND dogs so my presence will be more of a requirement there and I'll just have to hope that it will be perfect and quiet and have a microwave and good water pressure.

afternoon ya'll!

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