Tuesday, December 18, 2007

broken wing

okay, so it isn't broken but I wish it was...that way we could slap a cast on it and go.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand resulting in (what to me are) massive doses of steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. We won't talk too much about the pain pill rx the doctor gave me so I can start sleeping through the night without having to get up every two hours to walk my hand like a restless infant. I felt really stupid telling him I couldn't sleep 'cause my hand was hurting. We'll see how it goes tonight.

I had PT for the first time (for my CTS anyway) this afternoon and I have two more appt's this week. If it doesn't improve I'll be headed for the knife...either a professional can do it or I will. All of my fingers are numb except my pinkie. I want to shave my head. Getting my hair washed and in a towel nearly did me in this morning, not to mention trying to get some of it in a hair doodad to get it out of my face!

anyway, pity party is over for today. Typing with one hand is tiring. We have plenty of patrons who do it and now I'll never understand why.

night ya'll!


Hewy Nosleep said...

Hang in there Holly!

Holley T said...

Thanks hewy! I'm makin' it so far today!