Saturday, December 1, 2007

holley, the near-zombie

I had such high hopes for going to bed early. I had a nice invite from KT for butterscotch schnapps's, conversation and Christmas tree observation and I turned it down because I am exhausted. But here I am, unable to get to sleep....

Well, Roomie is a Mrs now and is spending the night with her new DH at the Tutwiller Hotel in Bham. She was a beautiful bride and a massive bridezilla today. Snapping and occasionally yelling at me or completely ignoring me. Now, I am trying to keep in mind that this was her day and it had nothing to do with me but I still got my feelings hurt. As KT told me earlier when I was sniffling at her on the phone, Roomie does have a tendency toward being somewhat selfish on occasion. I helped her into her dress and then her feet got cold so I sat down in the floor to put her slippers on. All that poofy stuff in the slip prevented her from even seeing her feet much less getting shoes on. Well, while I was doing that she turned to look at herself in the mirror and her dress brushed up against my somewhat heavily tarted up face. Instant crisis! There is now a light makeup mark on the dress. "Put some water on that! That has to come out! Put some soap on it! Will it leave a mark!" So while I'm already in the floor, I then begin to spot wash her dress. Someone brought me a hair dryer and the crisis was narrowly avoided. She got finished getting dressed and then everyone one disappeared.

I am still in my pajama top and lounging pants, the bathroom is a wreck, Roomie left all her clothes all over the place and now I have to get dressed. No help, no assistance, nothing. Everyone was gone. Strapless bras are not the most easily accessible little bastards either let me tell you. I couldn't find anyone to zip me up so I just walked around the church with my bra and fat rolls hanging out until I could find someone to do me the honor.

I learned yesterday that I was among the "family and friends" nominated to clean up. Now, I've been sick for a week. I've practically been freebasing Sudafed so I would hopefully (and I was successful I might add) not be sniffling and sneezing through her wedding. I have had a fever all day. We had to be at the hairdressers at 8:30am, pictures at 10:30 (didn't happen), wedding at 2pm, by 4:30 I'm clearing tables, wiping counters and putting up food in my dress and my feet are about to fall off screaming in pain. I finally got to change then mopped and loaded cars until 5pm.

I love my friend. I'm am thrilled that she looked so pretty and her DH was so excited by the wedding. I was miserable and I don't think she treated me very well today. Is this the normal maid-of-honor/bridesmaid experience? Am I whining for nothing? I know I need to get over it and I will, but it's early yet and I can't guarantee that ya'll won't have to endure more complaining over this from me in the future but I do promise to try...really I do.

Okay, I'm going to have another go at sleep now.

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Erica said...

this is NOT normal wedding behavior, in my experience. i certainly did not treat my maid of honor or bridesmaids like that, nor was i treated like that in any of the weddings i have been in (including one stint as a matron of honor). you are perfectly justified in complaining, especially since you were sick on top of being treated like crap!

ah well, at least it's over now, right? :) get some rest!