Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Folks, today my front door was up to the task! I have a new living room! I had to scurry out to work right after the delivery men left so I didn't get to push and shove everything to where I wanted it PLUS they did not assemble my end tables and cocktail table so they are just in boxes in the middle of the floor. I get through with this petsitting job Sat night so I'll get it all put together then. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like all set out and arranged.

I still have SO much cleaning to do! Everything I've kept from the first round of clearing out is shoved into one corner of the living room and it looks terrible. I'm waiting until Mrs Roomie can collect the rest of her things because there are some big furniture items that I plan on using in the extra rooms. I hate being away from home right now when I could be getting so much done!

Mrs Roomie got a bunch of her stuff last night, plus her kitties so the house was strangely quiet and empty when I got there this morning to begin preparing for the furniture. I've complained about her kitties' horrible litter box habits before and I feel duly vindicated when I say that the horrible odor that usually greets me at the front door was no where in evidence this morning! It's Mrs Roomie's DH's problem now....bwwahahahahaha! I just can't stand litter box odor! If the whole world would use Feline Pine, no one would have to endure it ever again! I discovered this wonderful product during my stint as a kennel tech at Riverview Animal Clinic. What a sanity saver when a vet clinic is boarding about 20 cats at a time :)

I've decided not to let Binky out into the rest of the house until I can get all the piles of belongings squared away. I don't know where/what the other two have used as a toilet and don't want her marking anything in a fit of temper so I'll just wait until I've gotten all that cleaned up. I don't think she would do that anyway, but why tempt fate?

I've had people ask before about what I do with Bink while I'm away petsitting and I'll tell you that she's a pretty self-sufficient girl. I have a feeder that holds about 4lbs of food and and a bubbling water bowl that holds about a gallon of water. I throw some extra toys (read: balled up paper...her fav!) in the floor and she's good to go. I try to get by at least once if I'm going to be gone longer than a week, but other than that I have to trust her on her own. I admit that she likes my absences less and less as she gets older (and she's quite vocal about it too!) and I'm dealing with that as I can by coming by more often during my longer jobs. I foresee a time when I won't be able to leave her by herself for very long at all but I figure I'll jump off that bridge when I come to it.


Jeff Stankard, Group Publisher said...

you'll have to share photos.

Holley T said...

I certainly will...just as soon as I clean up all the stuff I shoved into the other half of the living room :)