Monday, December 3, 2007

definitely on the mend!

the plague is abating! I have the use of most of both my nostrils now and am not constantly expelling stuff (sorry for the gross factor!). I have some fevery-type moments at night but am feeling pretty strong during the day. Tomorrow is Furniture Attempt #2 and I am on tenterhooks wondering if the stupid couch will fit through the door this time. But enough of that! It will fit, I measured!

I was reading KT's blog and she is having some holiday harried-ness :(
I feel somewhat responsible for that as I have been off work since last Tuesday, but I start back tomorrow at 5 so I can pickup up my slack and help take some of the pressure off of her hopefully.

Finally talked to Mrs Roomie today and she seems in pretty good spirits. We crossed paths at the house as I was leaving to come back over here to the pet sitting gig and she was picking up her pets to take them to her house as well as move another couple of loads of her stuff over there. I'm not putting any pressure on her at this point to have her stuff out by any certain time. Hey, I'm not there right now anyway and won't be back til Sat night so she's got plenty of time.

I'm going to have to rent a carpet cleaner of some kind and shampoo the carpets in her rooms as her cats have done a real number with their sloppy litter box habits. Not everyone can be as neat and clean as my Binky I suppose but I don't think a simple vacuuming will do the job. I want that smell O-U-T of the house.

Speaking of stinky pets, every time I come over here Tucker has the most horrible gas! I don't know how J stands it. Whew! ......ah, the glamour pet sitting life!

evenin' ya'll!

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