Monday, December 3, 2007

the year in review

I stole this meme from the Book Diva, who stole it in turn from her friend Angela. You make a post of the 1st sentence of the first post of every month from the year and it is a sort of geological strata, if you will, of your blog's year. Without further ado.....

JANUARY--I hope the New Year finds all of my friends and family hearty and hale!

FEBRUARY--I'm back!

MARCH--Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great!

APRIL--So my young friend WV came in to the library tonight and worked on his math homework.

MAY--check out these photos of some of the crazy things living in our oceans.

JUNE--That's what I thought too!

JULY--I cruised in to work today, sipping my coffee, munching on my Nutri-grain waffle PB sandwich, tapping my fingers and nodding my head to the oh-so gentle notes of Rammstein issuing from my car speakers, thinking there's no school today....................................or tomorrow.........................................or next week.......................................or next month

AUGUST--Someone rants about the postumous and co-authoring publication trend...Robert Ludlum has been publishing like mad despite the fact that he died about 6 years ago.

SEPTEMBER--.....and I will shortly be taking my sick @$$ to the doctor, hopefully this afternoon.

OCTOBER--the spend no $ mantra falls dead in the face of selfishness

NOVEMBER--. . . . that Katie has now been tapped into the Anita Blake fan club!

DECEMBER--I had such high hopes for going to bed early.

Have you learned anything about me other than I whine and complain quite a bit???? I think my opening sentences need some work. That will be one of my New Year's Resolutions....better opening sentences on my blog posts :)

evenin' ya'll!


Anonymous said...

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Kenny P. said...

I love that kind of thing. Here's mine (it almost reads like a dialogue):

Jan: Far be it from me to advocate drug abuse, but I must say, three shots of espresso can be a helpful aid when one is trying to re-acclimate oneself to the work environment!

Feb: "The disappointed one speaks."

Mar: I gave blood today, and the blood drive was held at the Burbank Elks Lodge.

Apr: It's pretty satisfying, but you can't take all the credit...

May: They finally got me.

Jun: Did anyone else have this said to them today?

July: This is what I do in the morning.

Aug: Considering how closely the cerebral cortex resembles the small intestine, it's no mystery why their output is often so similar.

Sep: It's been flippin' HOT lately.

Oct: I was thinking about the fact that, like feces, hair is just another excretion of the human body.

Nov: Will there be a quiz?

Dec: Here, you'll need this in your Social Skills Toolbox.

Holley T said...

wow, my first ad! I have no idea what it says (is that Portuguese?) but it looks like they really feel strongly about it.

kp-yours is certainly more interesting than mine! :)


Erica said...

yay for stealing things from blogs! and foreign-language comment spam! :)