Friday, December 21, 2007

hhhhhhheeeeellllllooooooooo! ! ! ! !

If this day goes any slower it could qualify for a part as a zombie extra in the next Resident Evil flick. I can't think of a time when Daxx and I have been more bored.
paging list - done!
books shelved -mostly done!
content patrons typing away and not needing our help today - plenty!

no emails, no voice mails, no reserve cards, no new books to process...........the bareness of the work landscape today stretches on and on to the horizon. I can hardly imagine what it will be like for KT and Daxx on the morrow.

Polly asked me today what my party was like as she hadn't had a chance to read my blog and that reminded me that I forgot to mention the Christmas party I had on the 15th! I personally thought it was fantabulous! KT came with her three cute girls AND her mom and our coworker Mrs. D. My coworker Mrs. Y, beleaguered head of the circulation dept, and her husband dropped by. My dad and stepmom came over as well as my friend T and her mom and MK came with them and brought her nephew. There was an additional T as well but only one of them answers to the letter "T"! So, 15 people more or less? T, the other T, MK and T's mom brought tons of food and my kitchen was maxed out with grazing areas. I had several kinds of wine available for everyone's sipping pleasure and some yummy, warm rosemary/olive oil bread I found at wl-mrt.

My favorite new purchase this Christmas season has been the Yuletide Fire DVD. I have my choice of crackling fire, Christmas music or both right on my tv screen. No ashes, no soot, no potential tragedy like burning the house down (not from this anyway!). I sit with the Christmas tree lights as the only illumination, a glass of wine, the fake tv fire crackling and Miss Binky purring away on my lap and life doesn't get much better than that, let me tell you folks! This is really the first chance I've had to start settling in to my house as a by-myself-kinda-girl. I really thought I'd have some what-was-that-noise moments at night but I haven't! I've opened all the doors to the rooms so Bink can have her run of the place. I was sure she'd keep me up at night for a while as she got used to all the space again but nope....when bedtime comes, she cuddles up and sleeps too despite the fact that I'm SURE quite a bit of napping goes on while I'm at work :)

On the subject of getting creeped out at night, the other night I was in the kitchen making myself some dinner when a commercial came on the radio (again, I don't have cable tv and have no plans to get it in the near future) advertising this show:

The radio spot was along the lines of, "Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? Do you ever see things moving out of the corner of your eyes." It then went on to talk about the show, then at the end of the segment, the creepy voice comes back on again and says something like, "Do you get the feeling you aren't alone? aren't."

I just stood there, my overactive imagination filling in every blank those market research people ever thought existed. I had to pick out an especially funny movie to counteract my predisposition to be creeped out! I guess that means it was a pretty good commercial as far as that goes then :)

afternoon ya'll!


Katie said...

Do you ever get the feeling you are being read?
K ;)

Holley T said...

you're so funny...