Wednesday, December 5, 2007

tired...sleepy....feet hurting....

After work (6pm for today) I made the 47 mile trek back to the house and muscled 2 recliners and a queen mattress and boxsprings out into the yard for Hannah Home to pick up tomorrow. I put them on plastic and did my best to cover them with plastic and copious amounts of tape but it's awfully windy tonight so who knows what it will look like when they get there tomorrow. I tried to find some service to come and pick them up while I was home but it didn't happen. The recliners weren't as difficult to get out as I had imagined them to be. I just turned them onto their sides and slid them across the carpet and down the stairs into the yard. Same for the mattress and boxsprings. People were slowing down as they passed the house so it must have been quite a spectacle indeed.

I spoke to my dad on the way home and he was concerned that I had no help but that is single/only child-life for you...I didn't have any help so I did it as best I could and made every effort not to hurt myself. I believe I was successful but I'll know for sure in the morning :) It must have been a pretty good workout at least because I'm quite sleepy right now. Oh yeah, that could be because these two sweet puppies try to get me up at 4:30-5am.....I shut 'em down this morning and told them to go back to bed, I wasn't getting up to feed them at dark thirty in the morning. They can eat in the daylight with the rest of us.

My first full day back at work, since the waspy wedding and the plague, was JUMPIN'! The phone rang off the hook and there was a couple of hours there where I had the phones going and 2 or 3 people in line at all times. Somebody must have put up a sign outside the library.

I tried to get the school Assignment Alert displays updated and the new fiction display out but just couldn't get the time in edgewise to do it. I'm veering away from the holiday book display this year and putting out mysteries...Sue Grafton read-a-likes actually. I don't care for her books but plenty of people do and I figure these will go like hotcakes while everyone is waiting their turn for T is for Trespass. I've said it before and I'll say it again: At least her reign of terror will end at Z. They are pretty easy to shelve, I guess.

I mentioned to my coworker CC today that I have been overdosing on HGTV this petsitting stint. I can't seem to locate Animal Planet or The Discovery Channel with any regularity but I can watch enough redecorating and flipping shows to reeducate myself as a realtor if I so chose. I keep hoping I'll see something I might be able to apply to my own abode but so far it hasn't happened. Ah well, hope springs eternal!

I have Saturday planned as the mass exodus for everything in the house that isn't staying. I'll have to remember to contact Mrs Roomie on the morrow to let her know she needs to come get anything else she wants to keep because Hannah Home is getting the rest on S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, no exceptions (I say that now, she'll probably cow me into holding on to some of it). I want to have a Christmas party next weekend so I've got to get the house as spotless as possible so I can do all the holiday decorating I want to do with my bachelorette pad! Yeah, right.

anyway, evenin' ya'll!


Katie said...

Did I Hear ChRiStMaS PaRtY??????
oooohhhhh ... do tell.

Kenny P. said...

I'm THERE! Well, in spirit.

You're gonna make it after all!