Saturday, December 29, 2007

! ! ! this just in ! ! !

PATRON (with scrap of note paper in hand): I want this book, but I don't want it right now.

ME & CARRIE: *blink, blink*

PATRON: I want to check it out the first week in February because that is when I plan on reading it.

Carrie turns to me, "Well, Holley?"

ME: *blink, blink*.....well, there is not a way for us to do that really. The easiest thing to do would be to give us a call mid-January and we'll pull it for you if it's here or reserve it if it's checked out. (there is a "Not Wanted Before" field on the hold form, but it doesn't work and never has. Don't ask, because I don't know.)

He took the book with him while grumbling about the possibility of it accruing overdue fines if the first week in February rolled around and he wasn't finished yet.

Ummmmm, you are not allowed to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to check your book out, you big DA. If you don't want the book right now, hey!...don't come in for it until you are ready to read it. If you are concerned about it not being here, call ahead. It's not rocket science. Better yet, send your telepathic brainwaves over here around January 20th or so and I'll wear a foil hat and try to receive them!


Erica said...

ha ha! i've had patrons try to do that too. why are people so stupid? it makes me lose faith in humanity...

Ms. Hubbard said...

I had one say something similar to me today. We are not a personal service to be commanded around!!!!