Sunday, April 27, 2008

bus trip: selma

Brown's Chapel in Selma, site of one of the largest voting rights demonstrations in the city as you can see in the photo of the photo below, from the National Voting Rights Museum.

Getting, keeping and exercising the right to vote was a hard, deadly battle for some in this state. I consider it very much a shame that more people, especially women and minorities, don't exercise it more. It makes me feel even worse for the people who died, if they could see us now :(

One of my favorite stops on the Selma tour, the Old Live Oak Cemetary. Beautiful, just beautiful. A disturbing amount of children and entire families buried right together and within a short space of time of one another. Lots of Civil War era graves so I assume lots of war deaths and the various sicknesses that could take out an entire family so quickly. There were lots of graves with what I assume are confederate crosses on them since they also have little confederate flags stuck in the ground next to them. Assholes, I just wanted to stomp and squash every one of them. How can you have an ounce of brain in your head, or humanity in your heart and be in some way PRIDEFUL of that shameful past? I just don't understand.
We walked the Edmund Pettus Bridge, OUT of Selma but going back in, there is a little rise in the bridge that blocks the end of it from view until you are on the way down the other side. I imagined, from the comfort of our bus, WALKING there from Montgomery something like 40 miles. Tired, hot, thirsty no doubt, some or maybe most your fervor for the cause kind of flagging as you trudge over that last hump in the road before you get to Selma...then you see them. A line of frowning, scowling state troopers and mounted policemen who obviously do not have your best interests in mind. Your spirits sag even more in the face of this undeserved hate...then the police officers charge and the blood starts flying. Wake up people. We live here together. Do better than your parents and grandparents. Be better people. Life is hard enough without unfounded hate.
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